A symbolic image writes Ferdinado Pessoa in his esoteric writes, is alive, it has soul and being. Mollezze has began fishing shellfish in Obidos lagoon. The seafood has to remain in salty
water for one night in order to purge the sand trapped inside the shells. During this process the creatures are moving and spitting in a way that underline the natural erotism of tentacle and bivalves. Trough spontaneous and inclined resemblance, the human component
is juxtaposed to the seafood. The connection creates a symbolic environment of decadence
and softness which is both dying and alive, sordid and fascinating. corrupt but yet endowed
with vitality and rebirth. The project is composed of a polyptic (24 drowings) and a diary where the drawings has been fragmented, and reassembled in order to create an introspective path trough the images that creates a narrative which is open and always renewable .